Paul Zaloom: A Theater of Trash

The workshop about object theatre.

Paul Zaloom is an American actor and puppeteer best known for his role as the character Beakman on the television show Beakman’s World. His entertainment career begin in Bread and Puppet Theatre, a troupe specializing in self-invented, home-made theater. In his solo work he utilizes found-object animation, in which he takes objects as varied as coffee pots and humidifiers and turns them into elements of political satire. Zaloom has also written, designed and performed eleven full length one-man shows, including Fruit of Zaloom, Sick But True, Mighty Nice, and The Mother of All Enemies, the latter a shadow-puppet show featuring traditional Middle-Eastern comic puppet character Karagoz. His latest effort tackles social issues such as privacy, the war on terrorism, and discrimination based on sexual orientation and ethnicity. Aside from shadow puppetry, Zaloom's idiosyncratic work utilizes techniques such as overhead projection, government document expose, toy theatre as well as hand, rod, found object, and dummy puppets.

Julian Crouch: Puppetry and the Gap / UK / USA

The workshop explored the nature of the "gap" and how puppets help us to dream ourselves into it.

Julian Crouch
is a director, designer, writer, and teacher, mask and puppet maker whose career has spanned Theatre, Opera, Film and Television. In 1992 he began a successful creative partnership with Phelim McDermott, for whom he designed Dr. Faustus, Improbable Tales, The servant of Two masters and The Hunchback of Notre which earned him a TMA nomination for Best Designer of the Year.  In 1996 Julian formed the company Improbable. It's productions of Animo, 70 Hill Lane, Lifegame, Coma, Spirit, Sticky and  other have gained far-reaching national and international recognition, winning several major awards. Julian's most enduring collaboration to date has beenShockheaded Peter for Cultural Industry (Olivier Awards - Best Entertainment, also nominated for Best Direction and Best Design, TMA Best Director Award, Critics Society Best Designer Award and a South Bank Show Theatre Award Nomination).  More recently Julian was Designer on the multi award winning  Jerry Springer - The Opera (Best Musical - Evening Standard awards, Olivier Award, Critics Circle). Julian designed and co-directed The Addams Family musical for Broadway - winning an Outer Critics Circle Award and a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Set Design.

Svend E. Kristensen: Intersection of puppet as object, stylized movement, space/time and opera/music

Participants got in close contact with specially developed life-sized puppets intended for a unique puppet opera with performance and dance.

Svend E. Kristensen: originally a musician and sounddesigner. Svend was trained in dance followed by an education and performances with the performance theatre Von Heiduck, with whom he toured Europe from 1992-2000. In 2001he founded the puppetry theatre ”Mediet og Masken” in 2011 and formulated the philosophy of Neo-Puppetry. His workshops, lectures and solo-performances have been presented in Asia and Europe. Svend's puppets are specially developed to be hypernaturalistic and life-sized. As an actor and performer he is appreciated among directors to have a strong physical expression and intensity. His works ressonate the space between puppet, humankind, words and music, and concern the corporeal and the infinite, the authentic and the artificial, in the quest for a modern staged ritual.

Christian Carrignon: Object Theatre : Directions for Use

The workshop about object theatre. The workshop explored the use of wide angle and close-up techniques on a theatre stage. Metaphor, metonymy, and all these delicious figures of speech usually reserved for written poetry were examined.

Christian Carrignon
shares his double initials and his left-handedness with Christopher Columbus. He is always ‘elsewhere’, ready for great adventures, a daydreamer some would say. His experience takes shape on stage in Paris. He learns to breathe life into puppets. And of course he can’t resist kicking down the puppet theatre and leaving it altogether. CC will happily unglove his hands to seize the most insignificant, sometimes even tawdry objects. Object Theatre is a close relative of Puppet Theatre, albeit a rebellious one. Today thirty productions that delve into visual arts and film editing chart the progress of the company Théâtre de Cuisine.

Rene Baker: From Prop to Protagonist

A practical exploration of the theatrical possibilities of everyday objects. Beyond simply being an actor's prop, objects can articulate subtext, function as a sign or metaphor, or come to life and be the protagonist. Objects have narrative power; they speak of cultures and identities, memories and desires. This workshop examined the social language of objects and showed how to manipulate this language for theatrical purposes, from realism to poetic theatre.

Rene Baker is a specialist in object and puppet theatre, and during more than 20 years professional experience she has worked as a performer, designer, director, pedagogue and researcher. Since 1998 she has been developing a training for bringing objects, puppets and materials to life, and is currently investigating the wider use of objects in theatre. She has led workshops in England, Norway, Finland, Spain, Estonia and Greece. From 1998-2005 she taught regularly at the Central School of Speech and Drama (London) and from 2005 she has been teaching at the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona).

Agus Nur Amal: Goofing Off. Poem Solo Performance

The goal of the workshop was to find some sign of objects inside poetry.

Agus Nur Amal lives in Jakarta. He is a story teller and solo performance artist who has shown his work in Tokyo, Zurich, Boston, and New York. He has also supported conflict resolution and therapy theatre by participating in several community theaters in Indonesia. Agus founded the Tivi Eng Ong Theater, a small community stage. He has also writtens comics and fairytales. His Acehness fairytale books have been translated into french.  

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