Koné Wagninlba Jocelyn: Africa 50

The goal of the workshop was to teach participants how to create an installation from garbage and used objects.

Koné Wagninlba Jocelyn graduated from the Ecole Nationale Theatre and Dance Abidjan and holds a Certificate of Aptitude for teaching the Visual Arts. Koné is an artist, designer and decorator. Koné has made installations and scenic achievements of several theater groups,. koné has collaborated with the dance and music group  "Montserrat" of EMMENUEL ROBLES with the National Theatre Company of Côte d'Ivoire,  the Tropic Expression and other companies.  Koné is also President of the Circle Association for Research and Exchanges in Scenography and Performing Arts (CRESAS).

Pamela Howard: 1000 objects - 5000 memories: Playing with Memory and Recognition

The workshop took place on the set of Pamela Howard's production of Martinu's The Marriage at La Fabrika theatre in Prague. Participants were invited to walk round the installation and explore the world that is there without the performers.

Pamela Howard is Professor Emeritus at the University of the Arts London and a practicing Director and Scenographer especially in contemporary Opera and Music Theatre. In 2008 she was awarded the OBE for Services to Drama. As Stage Designer she realised over 200 productions in the UK, Europe and USA, and in 1991 at the Tramway Glasgow began a series of site-specific works with the late John McGrath. From then, she has been exploring the relationship between architecture and performance, making work in large and small spaces and re-assessing how theatre spaces are used.


Ivanka Apostolova: Intersected Witches

Collage comics in terms of  `hands-on` method provoked a point of thinking and creating in layers. Via discussion and exploration participants learned how to create short textual adaptations based on the characters of the witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth in the context of intersection.


Theatre Europe: Meet the Experts

The workshop offered the chance to meet ten top European theatre experts including Pamela Howard and Ramon Ivars all in one room on one day and discussed with them participants portfolios.


Liběna Rochová: Fashion Art

The goal of the workshop was to gain the knowledge in fashion art. Liběna Rochová shared with participants her experience in fashion art.

Liběna Rochová                                               
                                                has been active on the Czech fashion scene, which she frequently represents abroad as well, for many years, and her professional qualities and abilities enable her to design theatre, film and scenic costumes, gowns for singers, as well as ordinary commissions, pret-a porter collections, and last but not the most prestigious of fashion designer’s domains:the design of unique model collections. The model collections of Liběna Rochová resounded with creatively conceived fashion waves of the last quarter of the 20th century. These included in particular loose and arranged forms introduced into European fashion by the Japanese, aggressive sculpturally modeled clothes of the 1980’s, as well as the postmodern sexuality and minimalism of the 1990’s.These collections, conceived for clothes manufacturers, and shows of model collections for large sponsors elicited general respect thanks to the overall conception and style complemented with original accessories. As Liběna's fashion design does not focus on pret a porter but rather endeavors to create the conditions for free model series or solitaires, it leans towards art, rater than pure fashion.


Sam Trubridge: Sleep and Performance

The workshop used the experience of performance designer Sam Trubridge’s of collaborating with sleep scientists on a range of theatre and performance art projects. Students used the workshop to examine sleep as ‘the opposite of performance’, and the paradoxical nature of dreaming as an ‘interior’ performance state.

Sam Trubridge: Since 2004 Sam has been the artistic director for the multi-disciplinary performance platform, The Playground NZ Ltd. He directed and designed the company’s first work The Restaurant of Many Orders at London’s Sadler’s Wells, Wellington’s Te Whaea National Centre for Dance and Drama, and for a tour of three venues around Italy. More recently he has collaborated with Professor Philippa Gander at Massey University’s Sleep/Wake Research Centre to direct and design Sleep/Wake for the Wellington Fringe Festival and Auckland International Arts Festival. Sleep/Wake has won a Fringe Award for Best Production Design and Most Outstanding Performer, as well as a Gold Award at the 2009 Designer’s Institute of NZ BeST Design Awards.
Sam’s work has also been exhibited in several international exhibitions of scenography; he has lectured in NZ, Europe, and Asia; and published articles on performance practise in various international publications. He is currently the NZ editor for World Scenography, a survey of performance design from 1975-2015. In 2010 he extended the Sleep/Wake collaboration through Waking: a Smash Palace funded symposium with performing arts practitioners and sleep scientists in dialogue.  


Yu Chau Chang, Wei-Wen Chang: Chinese Opera (Jingju) Beyond Boundary

The workshop examined the innovative creation by applying and adding the western cultural elements such as percussion music to the conventional elements of Jingju (Chinese Opera).

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