Sara Wookey, Katinka Marac: Microscopic Movements / Illuminated Views

Microscopic Movements / Illuminated Views engaged the body and light in order to explore our environment.

Sara Wookey is a choreographer and multi-disciplinary artist working between the mediums of dance, performance, photography, and video. Sara was based in Europe (Amsterdam) from 1996-2006 where she created a total of eight performance works, both evening-length and site-specific projects, that were funded by the Netherlands Funds for the Performing Arts and Amsterdam Funds for the Arts and where she formed her independent production company, Wookey Works in 2003. Her most recent work, "Walking LA" premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego. Her previous work has been presented in the Czech Republic, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Spain and, most recently, at the Hammer Museum, REDCAT and 24th Street Theater in Los Angeles.  She is a founding member of the Choreographers Working Group and a movement/performance specialist with the Los Angeles Urban Rangers collective. She is a certified teacher of Rainer's seminal dance work "Trio A" and has been a guest artist at the California Institute of the Arts, California State University, Long Beach and Woodbury University.

Katinka Marac is a Dutch Set and Lighting Designer looking for projects in the fields of contemporary dance, performance and installation. In addition to actual design work.

Cristina Ampatzidou: Unplugged Light

In the Unplugged Light workshop participants got the experience of studying and physically producing a lighting object that can function independently, allowing for greater freedom of performance. This is a valuable skill for outdoor or improvised performances especially when conditions like the budget or the equipment of the space call for low-tech, smart solutions.

Cristina Ampatzidou
studied architecture in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, urbanism in TU Delft and followed stage lighting design with Eleutheria Nteko. She currently lives and works in Rotterdam. She is interested in the ways people perceive and project space and has been involved in various international projects addressing the issue of site specificity, sensorial design and bottom up design. She is a founding and active member of Beforelight, an artistic collective working exclusively on lighting design and installations. Beforelight have installed their work in public spaces of cities like Thessaloniki, Rotterdam and Chania. Additionally they have presented their work in several art exhibitions, including the Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, in Thessaloniki International Film Festival-Street Cinema, in Video Art Athens and Museumnacht Rotterdam.

Eli Kaplan Wildmann: Light Shining Through: Practical Exploration of Non Digital Projections

The workshop explored projections that are not created with a computer and electronic projector.  What happens when you throw dirt onto an overhead projector?  What theatrical moments can you create with a light, a fishbowl, and a few drops of red dye?

Wojciech Puś: Light and Video as an Art Installation

The main goal of the workshop was to teach participants how to think about light and video art as independent media on the stage.

Wojciech Puś is a multimedia artist. who works with light and video. He works at the National Film School in Lodz and cooperates with Entropia Gallery in Wroclaw. Pus's films, videos, and installations have been exhibited at the Leto Gallery in Warsaw, the Museum of Art in Lodz, Stefania Piga Vaselli Gallery in Rome, the Brotfabrik in Berlin, and the Westfälischer Kunstverein in Münster. He also works as a lightin and video designer for theaters and operas.

Dave Mickey: Interactive Theatre

The workshop focused on creating an interactive theatre piece through sensors, various technical, and computer-based means.

Dave Mickey: Since 1995 Dave has been a theater sound, interactive, and lighting designer in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Dave was Senior Audio Technician at Caltech for 6 years, before returning to school to begin his MFA in Sound Design at CalArts. At CalArts Dave studied sound and interactive design, and graduates May, 2008. Dave has been a guest lecturer on the topics of sound design, and technology, worked as a sound engineer for two shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Dave is the founder of Mickey Designs/MTSaS a sound, interactive, lighting theater design and sales company. He is also the Associate Sound Designer for the Chance Theater. Dave was the 2007 winner of the Robert E. Cohen Sound Achievement Award, a national award in sound design sponsored by USITT.

Jan Beneš: Lighting Angle and the Action on the Stage

The goal of the workshop was the relationship between lighting angles and the action on the stage. How does the angle of light influences what we see on the stage?

Jan Beneš is a performer, choreographer and lighting designer. He graduated from the Duncan Centre Conservatory, Prague and has a Professional Diploma in Dance Studies from the Laban Centre, London. Jan is one of the co-founders of the Institute of Lighting Design, Prague, which has organized workshops in the field of theatre lighting design since 2008.  As a lighting designer, Jan has collaborated with many famous choreographers such as Beatrice Massin, Frederique Boivin, Nigel Charnock, Sumako Koseki, Petra Fornayová, Eva Blažíčková, Simone Sandroni, and companies NANOHACH, Dejá donné, and the Conservatory Duncan Centre, Prague.

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