Photo: Mary Wollstonecraft (Ros Phillips) as cinematographer in Wollstonecraft Live! produced by Fragments & Monuments and  projected onto the Portavillion Bubble. Courtesy of Jana Riedel

Joris Weijdom, Marcel Alberts: The Intersection of analogue and digital 3D Space

In this two-day workshop students explored the possibilities of combining or mixing analogue and digital space.

Joris Weijdom is head of the research group Virtual Theatre and a core teacher of the course, Design for Virtual Theatre and Games, at the Faculty of Theatre, Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU). In 1998, he graduated with a MA in Interactive Multimedia (EMMA-IMM) at the Faculty of Arts and Technology of the HKU and the University of Portsmouth. He has a professional background in 3D animation and interactive media. His research focuses on the interplay between creative making processes, performance, and technology.

Marcel Alberts is a painter, sculptor, philosopher and scenographer. He is recently appointed head of the School of Product Design in the School of Design at HKU. He has been a teacher at HKU for 20 years now, working both at the School of Design, and at the School of Theatre. In the School of Theatre he works on projects with students that put the visual and dramaturgical concept first, thus making it possible to investigate and create a theatre based on scenographic concepts, with all its technical and technological questions. Also he investigated with students and colleagues, within the research group of Scenography, the didactics of coaching site specific performance.

Anna Birch, Blayne George: Beyond Gender :  Integrating performance technologies into scenographic and dramaturgical practices

A practical performance technology workshop led by experienced director Dr Anne Birch and designer/performer Blayne George, explored gender through the body, architectural space, and technology. Participants explored the integration of digital technologies into scenographic and dramaturgical practice.

Meir Bar-Giora, Pancho Edelberg: Fusion Space/Fluid Space: fusing and merging theater spaces for multidisciplinary use

The workshop explored theatrical and artistic spaces and social and cultural structures. Participants  merged architecture with performance to explore the crossovers and intersections between disciplines, genres, physical environments, and social activities.  June 25, 2011

Jean-Marc Matos: Game(s)

The workshop about body practice and the semi-autonomous interactive environment. K. Danse offered a specially designed workshop that used the interactive set of the Gameplay performance co-created with choreographers Anne Holst and Jean-Marc Matos and artist programmer Antoine Schmitt.

K. Danse is a multimedia and contemporary dance company led by two choreographers, Jean-Marc Matos and Anne Holst who bring together a team of artists: dancers, video artists, programmers and composers for each new project.  Their work is concerned with questioning new technologies whilst focusing on issues of everyday contemporary life such as the borderlines between fiction and reality, and the social construction of the body. They make use of the latest digital technologies to create live interactive environments (reactive clothing, physiological sensors, optical tracking sensors, body sensors, on line internet performances, etc.). Their performances have toured around the world.

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