The First Act – Pavel Štourač and students

Pavel Štourač is the artistic leader of the Continuo Theatre  In nearly twenty years of its existence, Continuo Theatre has worked with puppet theatre and circus art, and since 1997, has dedicated its creative work to street theatre projects and to theatre projects in non-traditional venues such as courtyards, old factories, historic buildings, banks, the surface of lakes, and travelling trains.

The first act was performed in the old Franciscan gardens of the ‘Church of Our Lady of the Snow’ where you can discover more if you look closely into the carefully kept tranquil gardens. Participants of the first act invited visitors to move from the bustle of the city to discover ancient stories and forgotten lives. The performance took place on the June 18, 2011 and showed the garden stories through the collaboration of light, sound and the body movement in the beautiful paper costumes.

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