The Sixth Act – Fiona Watt and students

Fiona Watt is a UK based scenographer and creative producer. Using elements of her scenographic practice and collaborating with artists across a range of disciplines she is exploring the relationship between the shifting urban landscape surrounding her studio in the massive Thames Gateway regeneration zone and temporary performative events that engage members of the community in interactions with this process of change. She is creative producer  (UK) for Créativité sans Frontières, a group of artists and musicians currently working with communities in Medway and Dunkerque, France. Fiona is a member of the management committee for the Society of British Theatre Designers and a guest lecturer at various institutions in the UK.

Wayfinding was the important part of the Six Acts project. The performative interaction that linked the five other acts took part across the centre of Prague. The concept of the Sixth Act came from the ‘six degrees of separation’ as a starting point, and explored the things that join us together through the graphic language of signposting and tourism and the ephemera of the everyday. The wayfinding Act took place in Prague streets from June 17, 2011 to June 24, 2011.

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