6/18/2011 - The First Act - Pavel Strourac and studens in Francsiscan Garden 




Educational project of OISTAT and the Prague Quadrennial // June 16-26, 2011 Prague, Czech Republic  

The Scenofest 2011 moved to the heart of the historic city itself, with Scenofest projects designed as a dynamic engagement with the very fabric of Prague, its buildings, its histories, its stories. The Scenofest was held during the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, the world´s largest scenography event, held once every four years in Prague since 1967  - which gave to participating students the opportunity to benefit from the presence in Prague of thousands of artists from 76 countries, over 15 000 m2 of exhibitions, the Intersection interactive installation/perfomance as well as hundreds of performances, workshops, lectures, discussions, presentations…

Scenofest 2011 included:


  • scenography/ costume design/ lighting design/ sound design/ puppetry/ digital media/ site-specific/ architecture/ dramaturgy/ other
  • 70 artists and professional leaders from USA, Ivory Coast, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Macedonia, Slovenia, UK, Denmark, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, Lithuania, Finland, Canada, Poland, Hong Kong SAR, France, Spain, Japan, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil
  • more than 1000 participants - both students and professionals from accross the globe

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     Six Acts

  • the series of the site-specific performances and installations in the centre of Prague
  • the intensive long-term collaboration of the intenartional student teams and the leading theatre proffesionals Pavel Štourač (CZ), Roma Patel (UK), Louise Ann Wilson (UK), Rolf Abderhalden (COL), Tomáš Žižka (CZ), Fiona Watt (UK)
  • more than 2000 visitors

Read more about the project and see the Six Acts photo gallery.
     Design as Performance

  • 40 student performances on the Jungmann Square in the centre of Prague within Street Stories project, and 9 student evening performances in the DISK Theatre within DISK Stories project
  • involved schools and group of students from Sweden, UK, Russia, Brazil, Italy, USA, Poland, Spain, Georgia, Australia, Belgium, Macau SAR, Korea, Norway, Taiwan, Greece, Germany, The Netherlands
  • more than 7500 visitors of Street Stories and 1800 visitors of DISK Stories

Read more about the project and see the Design as Performance photo gallery.

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