• Scenofest history

Scenofest has been part of the Prague Quadrennial since 2003, lead by Pamela Howard (UK scenographer and educator) and Michael Ramsaur (US lighting designer and educator), and has included lectures, presentations and critique sessions with major international professionals. In 2007, Scenofest, lead by Sean Crowley (UK scenographer and educator), inhabited the heart of the Industrial Palace where the Prague Quadrennial traditionally took place, and became the heart of the event  – bringing strong live energy and ideas of the future of scenography into the Quadrennial. 

See the Scenofest 2007 archive

In 2011, Scenofest, lead by Jessica Bowles (UK scenographer and creative producer and educator) is going to take over the whole of the Prague Academy of the Performing Arts near the Charles Bridge as well as specific sites in the center of Prague.

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