Inspired by Karel and Josef Capeks’ The Insect Play. An interdisciplinary team from Purdue University in the USA created a work that applies interactive gaming to performance. Ad Infinitum³ brings the audience into the performance as both characters and variable forces through the use of avatars created on any wi-fi equipped cell phone. Performers engage the audience in both the visual and auditory with audience controlled projections and sound.
Ad Infinitum³ wants you to become a virtual performer with us! If you have a wi-fi enabled device such as an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Droid, please bring it with you and become part of Ad Infinitum³. Note that Ad Infinitum³uses its own network; you will not be able to connect to the internet, and will NOT be charged for any wireless service charges for participating in Ad Infinitum³.

The theme of the performance is the pressure on man in his everyday life. Students from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in Georgia use mainly sound and light to show us what we must swallow often and how patient we have to be day by day.

Landscape #4 is an interdisciplinary work based on a score by Calarts experimental composer, James Klopfleisch. The text score from which the performance draws its name and inspiration is no more than three sentences long. However its rich language and visual composition are vast with imagery. The performance is presented by California Institute of the Arts, USA. A complex and at times challenging collaboration between scenic designers, painters, experimental animators, and technicians, Landscape #4 pares its visual world in the same manner as Klopfleisch`s score, examining our tenuous relationship to silence and the uncanny moment of encounter when we choose to listen inward.

The content is the biography of the genius Eadweard Muybridge. The work is a stage performance including six different Muybridge’s personalities, using different stage-mediums: music, light, projection, and video to translate Muybridge’s work and crime in an artistically adequate way.  The performance is presented by The Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Germany.  The show has a great intensity and collaboration between the artistically-, and scientifically-based framework for action. No Horse no sky has been performed several times to great success.

Triadic Ballet in the twenty-first century.
Almost a century ago Oskar Schlemmer made a Bauhaus ballet with costumes made of wire, cardboard, and paper maché, using primary shapes and colors. A mathematical ballet: exact, geometric, mechanical. Can men be transformed into geometric shapes without losing their humanness? The performance is presented by Theaterschool Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The performance is inspired by the Michael Haneke film The Seventh Continent, which displays a middle class Austrian family who destroy their lives and then commit a slow painful suicide. The performance is presented by the Central School of Speech and Drama, UK, and explores through the set design the breakdown of the family.

A contemporary dance performance based on Roland Topor's drama, Don Juan or me and me is the result of a collaboration among three artistic schools: the Academy of Theatre - actor specializing in pantomime and movement, the Academy of Fine Arts, - student of stage design course, and students of the Music Academy in Wrocław, Poland. The main form of expression in contemporary dance performance is movement, which is accompanied by ascetic scenery and costumes - limited to only black and red. The visual side of the performance, in combination with light and sound, emphasizes text interpretation. The performance is an interpretation of a universal relationship between male and female elements. The show is an abstract fairy tale concerning searching one’s identity. It forces participants to reflect upon the current issue of cultural gender. Man discovers a woman inside himself, and woman findes a man inside herself. We all are Don Juans: "Are you extraneous body, or just the other part of the face?"

This performance, based on The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,  emerged through a series of workshops – in collaboration with a puppeteer, a performer, and a musician, each of whom contributed to the scenograhy of the whole.  The aim is to tell this well known, surreal, and oblique story through primarily visual means – light, sound, and object. The performance is presented by Central Saint Martins College in London, UK.

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